Copernicus Time

Copernicus Time is for you who need to supplement financial or payroll system with a time sheet that is user friendly, cost effective and quick to get started with.

Copernicus Time is designed for use in the cloud and has several proven features with tens of thousands of satisfied users. We offer you:

  • Time reporting with web browsers
  • Approval functionality
  • Copernicus Mobile time reporting and certification via smartphones and tablets
  • Checking against the schedule.
  • Flexitime management.
  • Various reports.
  • Reading to your payroll or accounting system

Report time with our mobile app

You may choose to supplement Copernicus Time with Copernicus Mobile to report time via smartphone or tablet. This allows you to get in the timesheets faster and can invoice and follow up quickly. The app is available for both iPhone and Android.

Avoid double work and reduce administration

With a connection to your accounting or payroll system, you have the option to avoid having to register on reported time twice because the data is loaded directly into your finance and payroll system. You can additionally follow up on reported time and maintain records for staff and projects via Copernicus.

We use proven standard interfaces for reading to external systems.

Automatic accounting entries

Optionally, you can also select the function automatic accounting entries that provide significant time savings of the administration. You can choose to automatically code the timesheets in connection with the information so that transactions are completed for readout to pay or finance system..

Cloud service

Copernicus Time is an agile cloud service. Cloud service is an opportunity for you to get rid of all the operations, upgrades and hardware solution by taking the entire responsibility. We have a packaged solution where you choose the parts you want to include in Copernicus Time.

You then purchase the service at a monthly cost without a fixation period and instead only have a 6 month notice. The price is based on number of users and which modules you choose.

You get started quickly and can grow in the solution where your needs are increasing.


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