ERP for project and order-based businesses

Copernicus is a highly qualified modular Time, Project and ERP platform that primarily is requested as a SaaS solution delivered from the Cloud which enables full mobility.

Our solution will provide you with the possibility for an overview regarding planning and the financial follow-up which enables to act immediately upon information. Our specialized consultants stand ready to assist before, under and after the launch of the system. This gives the possibility to finetune your application, so it fully supports your business 100 %.

For us it is everyday business to integrate the solution, in full or partially, into complex IT infrastructures, which means there is no need to cancel system areas that are working well

Our solutions are most cost efficient for organisations or departments that include 50 employees or more. It is also adaptable for smaller organisations with very high demands. Today a large variety of different sized companies and organisations are using Copernicus.

We provide the latest variants of digitalization, mobile solutions, connectivity and machine learning so you are able to get out all your business-critical information. Our target is for you to gain as much value as fast as possible.

Whether you need a new solution in place due to technical or business orientated reasons, we are here to help you.

The pricing is based upon actual usage on a monthly basis.

Exicom Software

Cutting edge project management tools since 1988

Exicom Software is a leading supplier of total solutions for steering of project and business management. Our own developed platform Copernicus is a standardized total solution for your project business which is fully adaptable according to your needs.

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